Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life in the fast lane..............

Been so long since I posted an update here. I spend more time on faceblech these days - just because it is quicker.  The Chilliez have been have a great(ish) year. I have not.  Still unemployed and while I don't think it is a secret that the increased time with the Chilliez is awesome the worry about money is sooooo not. I know that the world has moved on but it is hard, to feel that one's life's work doesn't amount to that proverbial hill of beans. All those years... and I am now considered too old, too expensive and somewhat redundant for having spent so many years in one place... (aren't you the least bit ambitious?) never mind that I did progress and move up and change departments, etc. Too many years at one place is not good apparently.  There have been some good jobs in other places... but I am loathe to uproot us without it being a last resort.  For reasons which I will share momentarily.

We also have a new family member!! Welcome Princess Xiao Ming  aka Ming Ming (also called Pup-a-noodles, Poochinella, Ming Zhi, or that PIA Pooch!) We were lucky to be in the right place at the right time - she was found wandering lost in pretty sad and shabby condition. After three weeks of looking for her owners - and no one coming forward we decided to make her our newbie. Cleaned her up, got her vetted (spayed, shots, chipped, etc,) and she is simply the sweetest little puppy you can imagine!! All 12 lbs of her! She is pretty good - though her toilet habits need a LOT of work!!!  Otherwise she lives to just lay next to (ok, ME) and be adored!

Emperor has to go back to public school - he just isn't getting what he needs in private. I sorta-kinda new this is what would happen but I wanted to delay it and put it off because he is so happy where he is. Oh, well.  He is doing well in his social areas... with basketball and karate... and we have all three kids in Acting as well!

FussyPants has been having a super rough go of it this year. Total School Refusal and a couple of not surprising diagnoses and one very surprising one. We are dealing and I think the final outcome will be that she is a little behind but should be able to move up to 4th grade in the end. Though in some ways having her repeat third wouldn't be all that terrible either. She was always on the end of the maturity scale in some ways.. having so little to say. She opens up rarely, speaks to adults as little as possible and could use a little more time to ease into the increased responsibilities of 4th grade anyway. We will see - her school is up in the air for next year anyway!

SassyPants is doing fabulously well. Her tantrums are fewer and fewer and her understanding of the circumstances which precede them is increased to an astounding degree. She really is one smart cookie!! She is achieving all she should in school and is by far one of the smartest in her grade... she probably could move up a grade - but I am not in favor of that for now... maybe later but she is happy and her behavior in other respects is perfectly 3rd grade so there she is. She is mostly happy and incredibly chatty! If her grades were lower I would think she was ADHD the girl can not sit still or stop talking for one second. Still she is appropriate for her age and more loving all the time. Jealousy is a big boo boo with her... as are the infamous HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely Tired) triggers for temper tantrums... and I do still hear some of the same yucky things... but more and more she IS becoming ready to accept that her self concept is off - she is beautiful and smart and we simply could not do without her!

As for me - well, it has been hard. I wrote some letters to appeal for assistance in a few tough cases, and we have been given a few small breaks. Nothing major, and as I continue to stress about finding work... I am trying to use the opportunity to do things I never had time for... writing, drawing, knitting, reading... etc. After spending most days diligently searching for work... and completing hundreds of applications... well... I only have small energy left.

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